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Seven, not six, seven. Seven, man!

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

IOWA'S OFFENSE EXPLODES ALL OVER ILLINOIS. How about that? The Hawks put more offensive yards on Illinois then they have on any opponent since 2005. Yesterday's offensive output was the third highest in Kirk Ferentz's era.

It was also the the fourth time Iowa scored over 30 points against a conference foe on the season and that is the most under Ferentz since 2002.

In Iowa's 30-14 win over Illinois, one thing is clear, Iowa is not one of the bottom feeders in the Big Ten. This Iowa team easily dispatched the Illini as they did Northwestern, Indiana and Purdue. The question is, are they just a middle-of-the-pack team or actually better? We're going to find out the next two weeks. If this is what Jim Delany and the powers that be had in mind when they drew up the Big Ten Divisions, then I'm all aboard. This is going to be fun year in and year out.


NEXT. As Ross posted, Iowa and Wisconsin gets the 2:30 CT time on ABC (Regional). With a weak slate of college football games, a Big Ten West double header may be the day's most compelling story.

THAT'S RIGHT, WISCONSIN. If I had a vote for the Heisman Trophy winner, I'd cast it for Melvin Gordon. Wisconsin comes to Iowa City with an (8-2) overall record and hardly a quarterback. In beating the 'skers yesterday, Wisconsin is the front runner for the Big Ten West title. It runs through Iowa City though. Let's hope it doesn't run wild.