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Your friendly neighborhood BHGPers are now on the record. How about you?

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

IT'S BASKETBALL DAY. BASKETBALL IS HERE. THE 2014 FRANTASTIC VOYAGE BEGINS. Can you tell we're excited? We're excited.

With that, we would be remiss as les sportsbloggeurs if we didn't put in our predictions for the year. We'll keep it simple, so all of you can put in your predictions as well. The rules of sports predictions remain the same as they have been for decades, if not centuries: best one gets lifelong fame and admiration and a ticker-tape parade, worst one gets put to death. Categories are as follows:

1) Regular season record;
2) Big Ten record;
3) NCAA Tournament seed (if applicable);
4) leading scorer;
5) one other prediction.

Adam Jacobi

21-10 (10-8), 7 seed, leading scorer is Jarrod Uthoff, and Aaron White makes 1st team All-Big Ten.

Fight For Iowa

19-12 (9-9), NIT, Uthoff, Somebody on the team actually makes a shot to win it in the final minute of a game (though Iowa still has an under .500 record in close games).


21-10 (11-7), 6 seed, Uthoff is the leading scorer, Iowa reaches the finals of the Big Ten tournament.

Hayden's Aviators

21-10 (11-7), 8 seed, Jok, Iowa and Maryland play a wild 2OT game in their first B1G matchup.

Horace E. Cow

18-12 (9-9), 10 seed, Aaron White, White gets drafted in the second round by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Matthew Lundeen

22-9 (11-7), 5 seed, Aaron White leading scorer, Gabe Olaseni has a big year and wins Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year.

Patrick Vint

21-10 (10-8), 6 seed, Jarrod Uthoff, Adam Woodbury will dunk on that Greek kid at ISU.


18-13 (8-10), NIT, Aaron White, Iowa goes 0-2 in in-state play.


22-9 (11-7), 6 seed, White is the leading scorer (by a nose) over Uthoff, Iowa beats at least one Top 10 opponent this year.

Y'all's turn. And YAY BASKETBALL!