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The night shift cometh.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

There's only one Big Ten game on tap, as suddenly kinda-plucky Illinois heads to Ohio State to wage war for the glory of the IlliBuck trophy.  There's a potential doozy of an SEC game (Auburn-Ole Miss), as well as an intriguing Pac-12 showdown (Stanford-Oregon), and your requisite amount of late-night wacky West Coast football, too.

B1G Games (All Times Central)

Illinois at Ohio State (ABC, 7 PM)

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues (All Times Central)

Auburn at Ole Miss (ESPN, 6 PM)
Old Dominion at Vanderbilt (ESPNU, 6 PM)
Colorado State at San Jose State (CBS Sports, 6 PM)
Arkansas at Mississippi State (ESPN2, 6:15 PM)
Stanford at Oregon (FOX, 6:30 PM)

Texas at Texas Tech (Fox Sports 1, 6:30 PM)
Tennessee at South Carolina (SEC Network, 6:30 PM)
Notre Dame vs Navy (CBS, 7 PM)
Oklahoma State at Kansas State (ABC, 7 PM)

Arizona at UCLA (ESPN, 9:30 PM)
San Diego State at Nevada (CBS Sports, 9:30 PM)
Wyoming at Fresno State (ESPN2, 9:45 PM)
Utah at Arizona State (Fox Sports 1, 10 PM)

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