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What impact did #CHAOSATURDAY have on the BHGP Pick Em?

This is up to date after Week 5 and Week 6, since I dropped the ball on an update last week.  Mea culpa.

#CHAOSATURDAY wreaked havoc across college football's top 10, but the top pick set in the 2014 BHGP College Pick 'Em (Scherff Wax America) held onto the top spot for another week.  There are still a ton of people within striking distance, though, so there's sure to be a few twists and turns in the rankings here over the next few weeks.

Here's the top 50 (and ties):

BHGP 2014 Pick Em - Week 6

(right click to embiggen)

The full standings are available here.

Kudos to the weekly top pickers as well.  In Week 5, lizsicle and Dr. Z's Hawks took home top honors with 14 correct picks.  Week 6 was a bloodbath thanks to #CHAOSATURDAY, but several people emerged from the fray with 11 correct picks: Hawkeye82, Can't Hyde From Micah, GoHawksQBs, Need More Schnoor!, chitownhawk, and Hawkeylicious.  Congrats to all.

Don't forget to make your picks for this week -- the first game is the Washington State at Stanford game on Friday night at 8 PM Central.