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Acie Earl's 'Moon Zero Three' Returns With A New Installment -- Tonight!

Sorry for the late notice.

Exciting news, Earth-dwellers: the third part of Acie Earl's cinematic triumph, sci-fi opus Moon Zero Three is debuting tonight at The Mill in Iowa City.

Moon Zero Three Pt 3 poster

If you're not familiar with the MZ3 phenomenon, you can read our article about Part Two last year and catch up, but basically:

Earl, former Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, is among the cast of "Moon Zero Three" a science fiction film made entirely in Iowa City. Acie plays the part of ‘Fasthorse' the powerful rouge nightclub owner who may or may not know all the angles on Moon Zero Three!

Most importantly, Acie gets to shoot giant space lasers at dudes:

The synopses of previous installments are also pretty excellent.

Part 1:

On the strange ocean world of Moon Zero Three, the Tronya harvest is ready for grading. It's the most important season of the year-cycle, and Aquabase Facilitator Kelly is having a bad day. Kelly attempts to ward off the strong-arm tactics of the interstellar Tronya Retailers Guild while preparing for an unwelcome performance review. Haunted by ghosts from his past, Kelly finds his new-found sobriety is challenged. Meanwhile, a crewman has gone missing amid rumors of a deadly alien Squidshark stalking the lower decks of the MZ3 Aquabase.

Part 2:

Aquabase Facilitator Kelly searches for a missing crewman while a 500-year hurricane threatens the station. The investigation leads into the seedy underworld of the station's Pleasure Deck and an encounter with the powerful rogue operator known as Fasthorse. Meanwhile, amid impossible reports of a deadly alien Squidshark stalking the lower corridors, Kelly learns that nothing is forbidden on the strange ocean world of Moon Zero Three.

In fact, there's probably just enough time for you to watch Part 1 and Part 2 if you want to get fully caught up on the Moon Zero Three saga before tonight's climactic installment.

If you just want a taste of the MZ3 madness:

Seriously, though: if you go see MZ3, please post a review or some comments about it here.  We're dying to know how the saga of Fasthorse ends.  (Or is this the end?!)