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Er, been a while...

Apologies for neglecting to post standings over the last few weeks.  I'll try to be better at it for the next few weeks of the season.

We have a new overall leader, though -- or at least a new overall co-leader.  Scherff Wax America is still tops with 117 points, but he's been joined by a new challenger, Hawkeylicious, who also has 117 points so far.  There are several people within a few points of the lead, too -- they're just a particularly good week (for themselves) or a bad week (for the current leaders) away from things getting even more congested at the top.

The top 50 and ties are below.

BHGP 2014 Pick Em - Week 9

click to embiggen

The full standings are available here.

And kudos to the weekly honorees, as well.  In Week 7, top honors go to TitoHawk's Evil Computer and bluffs run, each with 13 correct picks.  In Week 8, Go Balls Deep went deep and came up with the most correct picks, 14.  And last week, in Week 9, The Strap managed to cobble together 12 correct picks.  Well done, all.

Don't forget to make your picks for Week 10 -- the first games begin at 11 AM on Saturday.