"Aaron White might be the most statistically anomalous player in the league."


Of all the Big Ten players over the last seven seasons, only two others had a two-point field goal percentage of better than 60% and a free throw percentage of better than 80%: Wisconsin’s Josh Gasser (as a freshman) and Purdue’s Ryne Smith. The percentage of shots taken on the floor was much higher for White (17.9) than 12.3, posted by Smith, and 11.4, posted by Gasser. Aaron White might be the most statistically anomalous player in the league. He’s really good at one thing and definitely passable at nearly everything else—except for three-point shooting—but defenses might key on him after the departure of Roy Devyn Marble. Regardless, he’s one of the most interesting players in the conference to watch, because there actually might not be a player in the country better than Aaron White at driving into the paint and getting points.

The hoop-heads at MGoBlog are previewing 2014-15 Big Ten basketball and their picks for All-Big Ten players included this interesting (and accurate, IMO) blurb about Aaron White. (emphasis added)