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Friends don't let friends watch Michigan football.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Who do we have to talk to to get Michigan games out of primetime?  A week after losing a primetime game at Rugers, Michigan is back under the lights this week -- hosting a game against Penn State, who have had two weeks to think about the drubbing that Northwestern gave them in Happy Valley a few weeks ago.  It's tough to work up much excitement for this game.  The highlight of the evening action looks like Ole Miss-Texas A&M, although Alabama-Arkansas could be interesting, too.  Watching LSU-Florida could be hazardous to your health.

B1G Games
Penn State at Michigan (6 PM, ESPN2)

Games From Other, Lesser Leagues
Alabama at Arkansas (5 PM, ESPN)
Houston at Memphis (5 PM, CBS Sports)
Washington at Cal (5 PM, Pac-12 Network)
East Carolina at South Florida (6 PM, ESPNU)
LSU at Florida (6:30 PM, SEC Network)
UConn at Tulane (7 PM, ESPNEWS)

Ole Miss at Texas A&M (8 PM, ESPN)
Air Force at Utah State (9:15 PM, ESPNU)
USC at Arizona (9:30 PM, ESPN2)
Colorado State at Nevada (9:30 PM, CBS Sports)

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