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Michigan State 71, Iowa 69: DAMN IT ALL TO HELL

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A massive cold streak late in the game and an overly physical Michigan State defense did the Hawkeyes in on Tuesday night.

No foul called. All ball. Errr.
No foul called. All ball. Errr.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

It's only one game. It's only one game. It's only one game. That was the mantra halfway through the second half—let's say, with 9:58 left—when Iowa found itself struggling to stay ahead of the Spartans despite (seemingly) outplaying MSU. If Sparty wins anyway, it's just one game. There have been worse losses for better teams having better seasons. It's just one game.




You really can't expect to win any games when you miss, what, 12 straights shots from the field in a 15-minute span, to say nothing of a game against a Top 10 opponent. Iowa got plenty of free throws down the stretch (and the Spartans weren't terribly upset by the calls that led to them, but when these teams needed buckets down the stretch, Michigan State hit its shots from the field—including two clutch threes in OT—and Iowa didn't.

Kudos to Michigan State, who figured it out: get back on defense, hope you hit your 3s, and clobber the hell out of Iowa. Make the refs call it lopsided. Don't be scared of the foul. And it worked. Because you know what? Michigan State got away with plenty of contact that Iowa didn't get away with. It dictated the physicality of the game. It worked.

Man, what a bummer. I don't have a whole lot more to say on top of that. It's just one game. But hell.