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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Iowa Men And Women's Basketball Gain Victories

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It wasn't a clean sweep weekend for Iowa. Find out which teams won and which fell short.

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FRAN'S TEAM ROLLS NORTHWESTERN AGAIN. Iowa got off to a slow start but put Northwestern away in the second half thanks to a double-double by Gabe Olaseni. Gabe talked to reporters about the win and if he should be in the Hawkeyes' starting lineup:



LOOKING AHEAD. It's the biggest game for the Iowa basketball program in eight years. Iowa hosts Michigan State in front of a national audience Tuesday night. Both teams lost to Michigan last week and could fall today in the rankings. Both teams are looking up at Michigan in the conference title race. Carver-Hawkeye is sold out. If you want a ticket, StubHub has them starting at $58.65 a piece.

THE HAWKEYE LADIES ALSO GOT A WIN SATURDAY. Iowa hosted Indiana and behind some hot shooting got to (4-3) in league play. Iowa shot over 50% from the floor and downed the Hooisers 84-75. Here's some game highlights:

A PAIR OF HAWKEYES SHOWED OFF FOR ONE LAST TIME AS COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYERS. C.J. Fiedorowicz must have had flashbacks to 2012 playing in the Senior Bowl Saturday. His North team quarterbacks struggled mightily all day. Fiedorowicz didn't record a catch but did catch the eye of draft experts on Twitter:

Christian Kirksey started at middle linebacker for the second unit. He was in on several tackles and even made the game's ESPN promo.


WRESTLING. It wasn't all rainbows and unicorns for Iowa sports this past weekend. The Hawkeye wrestling team hosted rival Minnesota in Carver Saturday. The dual was practically over when Iowa's Thomas Gilman was pinned in the meet's first match. Minnesota went on to win the dual 19-15.