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2014 Royal Rumble Open Thread

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It's the best open thread of the year.

Welcome to the seventh annual Royal Rumble Open Thread, a BHGP tradition dedicated to the greatest single gimmick wrestling match of all time.  Jacobi and Vint will be watching live from Vint's house, and we'll add the entrants and exits as best as we can.  Of course, it's the Rumble, so keeping up is never easy.

The rules are the same as any open thread: In general, don't be a jackass, stay away from insulting anyone, and please, no links to or discussion of illegal streams.  We can get in trouble for that, and this is an event worth buying anyway.

As a side note, both Adam and Pat are involved in a Royal Rumble pool.  Jacobi drew 4 and 29, while Vint got 12 and 22.  There are a lot of Friends of the Pants involved -- former BSD head honcho Run Up the Score was instrumental in getting it together -- and you can follow everyone on Twitter at this link.

Also, feel free to play Royal Rumble Bingo: