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Another big road test looms.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

So far, Iowa's schedule has seen them face some of the Big Ten's scruffiest teams at home (Nebrasketball, Northwestern, Minnesota) and some of the league's stoutest teams on the road (Wisconsin, Ohio State, now Michigan). And, yes, those distinctions are over-broad -- Minnesota isn't looking too scruffy these days and Ohio State isn't looking too stout, either -- but still: the broader point remains that Iowa has had a bear of a road schedule so far in B1G play. It doesn't get any easier tonight with a trip to Ann Arbor to take on a red-hot Michigan team.

But tough games like this also represent an opportunity: for Iowa to record another RPI-burnishing road win, to validate a lot of the national media buzz they've been generating over the last week and a half, to record the simple pleasure of beating a good team in a tough environment. These are the sorts of things that good teams do. Failing tonight wouldn't mean that Iowa is no longer a good team (we're long past that point), but the benefits to be reaped from a win tonight could be significant. Also, beating Michigan is fun. Let's not lose sight of that.

Anyway, the game is on BTN at 6 PM CST. Be there or be square.

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