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Thunder and Lightning in Paradise: Damond Powell Flexes with Hulk Hogan

Iowa's fastest player joins up with America's greatest action star.

Iowa wide receiver Damond Powell is probably the fastest guy on the team.  In Wednesday's Outback Bowl against LSU, he might be the fastest player on the field.  He averaged 24 yards per catch this season.  You might remember him from such touchdowns as this one:

Powell would be the perfect compliment to an ex-Navy SEAL fighting criminals along the Florida Gulf Coast.  Fortunately, he found just such a man.


(image via Friend of the Pants @djmick01)

Despite his steadfast dedication to vitamins and prayers, Hulk isn't able to wrestle anymore. He left TNA Wrestling in October, and is currently looking around for something to do.  If this doesn't end in a reboot of Thunder in Paradise, where Hulk, Damond Powell, and Carol Alt drive around in a boat fighting crime, then television executives have lost their collective mind.