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BHGP College Football Pick 'Em 2013 -- Week Two RESULTS

Results a go-go.


I knew I forgot to do something last week -- namely, to provide an update on Week 1 of the BHGP College Football Pick 'Em results.  Mea culpa.  Here's where things stand after two weeks of action.

Our leader so far is GoldPantsBrownStreak, which is certainly an... evocative entry name.  Trailing him (or her) ever-so-slightly in the standings are kickinthebobo, Burge Runner, Cold Beer, hawkeyegrant, and TrueAndValiant.  (Those are just the entries within three points of the top spot; as you can see from the table above, there really isn't much separation just two weeks in.)

You can find a full ranking here.

Finally, a shot-out to our weekly standouts in the contest.  kickinthebobo and GoldPantsBrownStreak shared top honors in week one, with 20 correct predictions, while hawkeyegrant was the best of week two, with 26 correct predictions.  Kudos to all.