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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Hate Week Is Here

Iowa football gets win number one on the season and the in-state battle with the Iowa State Cyclones is next on the schedule.

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KIRK FERENTZ TALKED ABOUT THE WIN OVER MISSOURI STATE. Here's the transcript and video. Ferentz called Rudock "a resilient guy" because he bounced back and finished strong following an interception that led to to a touchdown in the second half. Ferentz added that they are happy with snapping the losing streak but they still have a lot of work to do going forward. He liked what he saw out of true freshmen Desmond King, LeShun Daniels and Matt VandeBerg. He thinks that Jordan Lomax could be back this week, maybe as early as Tuesday.

Mark Weisman Ravages- Iowa Hawkeye Football 2013 (via kirkferentzrocks)


Ferentz Sunday Night Conversation- Missouri State (via Iowa Hawkeyes)

HOW'D IOWA GET THE WIN? Ground and pound. Iowa used very little of the playbook and very much Mark Weisman to put away the Bears Saturday. As a team, Iowa rushed the football 58 total times for 296 yards. Weisman accounted for 30 carries and 180 yards. Damon Bullock, Jake Rudock, Jordan Canzeri and LeShun Daniels carried the ball too. The Missouri State pick-six in the second half perhaps forced Iowa's hand here a little bit. Ultimately, Iowa did what they had to do to salt away the clock and get out with a win.

THE PLAYERS SPOKE TOO. Marc Morehouse has player video in this blog post. Here's some others from YouTube:

SO, LET'S LOOK AT THE OVERALL STATS A LITTLE BIT. I'm going to cherry-pick some stats here to perhaps make us all feel a little better about the Hawkeye team. Iowa is currently 43rd in the nation in total offense with an average of 473.5 yards per game. Iowa's rush offense is 28th in the nation with an average of 249 yards per game. The Hawkeyes' average time of possession is 33 minutes and that's good enough for 22nd nationally. Mark Weisman ranks 9th in the nation with 280 yards for an average of 140 yards per game.

C.J. WAS OPEN. So was the run for Jake Rudock. Fiedorowicz appeared a little upset on the field when Rudock decided to pull the ball down and take the touchdown for himself. CJF let his QB know about it after the play and Rudock said, "if he didn't want the ball, then I'd worry."

ON TO THE NEXT GAME. IIIIIttttttt's hate week! Remember that website we posted a couple weeks back? Winsipedia? Let's use that very helpful website to compare the Iowa and Iowa State programs.


Well looky there. Over the course of history, Iowa is better than Iowa State in every category. Iowa State ranks 103rd overall in program win percentage. The Cyclones are 79th in all-time wins. Iowa State has spent only 40 weeks total in the AP Top 25 and ISU has spent zero weeks at #1. Some fuel for your office debates this week.

BOTH IOWA AND ISU HAVE A LOSS. Mike Hlas says this week's game is "limping in with a whimper." Across the college football landscape this game might not mean much. It's a big game for both teams if they want to play in the postseason this year. Iowa State has finished 6-7 the last two seasons and the two wins over Iowa were just enough to get them an invitation to lose to Tulsa.