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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks Missouri State

Kirk Ferentz held his weekly press conference. See what he had to say about Iowa's loss to NIU and the upcoming game with Missouri State.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

KIRK FERENTZ HELD HIS WEEKLY PRESS CONFERENCE YESTERDAY. Let's see what he had to say. Here's the transcript and the audio via the On Iowa Podcast. Some bullet points:

  • They "turned the page" on the NIU loss on Sunday
  • Saw some progress from last year on both sides of the ball
  • It's tough to win with three turnovers
  • You have to learn how to win
  • Tempo will be evaluated week by week
  • A couple of times the referees slowed them down
  • Nate Meier's career as a DE got a positive start
  • The plan is still to play LeShun
  • A couple other true freshmen may play and that will be determined in a few weeks
  • The defense dictates where the ball goes, TEs will get more action going forward
  • They will try to expand Damond Powell's role
And there's certainly more. Read or listen. We'll go more in-depth later.

There's this update:

MORE ABOUT INJURIES. B.J. Lowery left last week's game with cramps. Jordan Lomax had hamstring issues. Both "have a chance" to play Saturday. Of the two, Lomax is still "iffy" for the game against Missouri State. True freshman Desmond King was the first corner off the bench when Lomax left the game. If Lomax can't go we may see the first year player get his first career Hawkeye start.

THERE'S PLAYER VIDEO TOO Marc Morehouse has video of Jordan Lomax, Jordan Walsh, James Morris, B.J. Lowery, Carl Davis, Damon Bullock and Jake Rudock. Lomax says things in the secondary are fixable. Walsh talked about being nervous. Lowery talked about cramps. And finally, Rudock talks read option and the final INT.

RUDOCK TALKS ZONE READ. We talked about it here a little yesterday. Rudock was asked about not keeping the ball and rushing himself. He said, ""It still keeps the defense honest. It freezes certain guys. It makes the secondary guys, when they're looking in, have a slight stutter. That could be the difference between [Mark] Weisman or Bullock breaking free."


TYLER ULIS. He visited Iowa over the weekend and will visit Michigan State and Kentucky in the next couple of weeks. He talked to the Courier-Journal about his Iowa visit and trip to Kentucky. He holds offers from all three schools and eliminated USC which was previously in his top four. Kentucky is going to be tough to beat for Fran and staff. Ulis' father says a verbal commitment could come as early as September 14th.