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The Rudock Interception Explained

Yes, quarterback Jake Rudock threw a bonehead interception, but it was not his fault. He was just following orders.

Get out of my head!!!
Get out of my head!!!
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa sophomore quarterback Jake Rudock runs to the huddle for the first time.

Rudock_icon_medium (to himself) Alright Jake this is it. Finally, all the hard work these last two years is going to start paying off right now. I know you can do it.

Ricky_aglow_blurry_medium And I know you can do it too.

Rudock_icon_medium Huh?

Rudock slows down

Ricky_aglow_blurry_medium I know you can do it too.

Rudock_icon_medium What? Did I drink some bad Gatorade?

Mark_weisman_icon_medium Hey Jake are you going to come to the huddle? Lets go!

Ricky_aglow_blurry_medium Well, go on. We’ll do this together.

Rudock_icon_medium Wait, wait. Who is we.


Ricky_aglow_icon_medium Jake, I’m your quarterback spirit guide.

Rudock_icon_medium No, no, no, no. This is crazy, I’m just nervous. You know first game and all.

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium Oh, I understand. I know everything about you, after all I’m your spir-

Rudock_icon_medium Yeah, spirit guide. You said that.

Mark_weisman_icon_medium Hey… Lets… Go… The clock is ticking.

Rudock_icon_medium OK, OK. Left cross, 34 flood belly.

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium Ooooh, that’s a good one.

Rudock_icon_medium Shut up.

Kevonte_icon_medium What?

Rudock_icon_medium Sorry, sorry. On one. BREAK!

Rudock_icon_medium BLUE 42, HUT! HUT! HIKE!

Rudock takes a short three-step drop

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium Look at Kevonte!. Look at Kevonte.

Rudock_icon_medium I got it. I got it.

Rudock completes his first pass

Ricky_aglow_icon_mediumWay to go.

Rudock_icon_medium Thanks!

One quarter later, Rudock rolls out

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium I’m not seeing anybody, you might want to just keep it.

Rudock_icon_medium What about C.J.?

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium Who?

Rudock_icon_medium The 6’8 tight end, he’s got position.

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium I guess.

Rudock throws a touchdown

Chriswhite_icon_medium Who is he talking to out there?

Iconferentz_medium Oops, burrito’s coming up again.

The Hawkeyes are on the move again

Rudock_icon_medium Nobody open. Thoughts?

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium Do you see that bald eagle sitting on top of that flag pole? Majestic.

Rudock_icon_medium Hello? Ah, hell, I’ll do it myself.

Rudock dives into the end zone.

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium Beautiful, just beautiful man.

Rudock_icon_medium Thanks a lot, thanks — wait you’re still talking about the Eagle aren’t you?

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium (sniffs) Just so beautiful.

With the score tied late in the fourth quarter, Iowa gets the ball back one last time.

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium This is my time, the fourth quarter, and with my help it can be your time too. Are you ready to become a legend?

Rudock_icon_medium Yes, let’s do it.

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium Together.

Rudock_icon_medium Guys, guys we got this one in the bag. Let’s bring home that first victory. I-right, 84 gorilla monsoon, on two.

The Hawkeyes approach the line

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium I’m thinking the out route on this one.

Rudock_icon_medium I don’t know. They’ve come close to grabbing one of those. I’m thinking C.J.

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium Out route.

Rudock_icon_medium No.

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium Out route.

Rudock_icon_medium I said no.

Ricky_aglow_icon_medium If you don’t want be an American hero, then I guess I’ll have to be one for you.

Stanzi inhabits Rudock’s body and throws an out route. It is intercepted and returned into field goal range.

On the sideline

Rudock_icon_medium What happened? I… I think I blacked out.

Cj_beathard_icon_medium Dude, you threw an interception. Why would you throw that out route?

Rudock_icon_medium Out route? Out… route?


Ricky_aglow_icon_medium My bad. I thought we had it, you really need to get into that weight room. What kind of arm is that?

Rudock_icon_medium Ricky Stanzi, you are no longer my spirit guide. Go talk about bald eagles with somebody else.

Cj_beathard_icon_medium (Still right next to Rudock) Ummm. I think I’m going to get you some water. I think the heat might have gotten to you.

Beathard walks to the cooler

Jason_manson_icon_medium Hey, make sure to grab him a cool towel too. He’ll appreciate that.

Cj_beathard_icon_medium I hate being the back-up.