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Black Heart Gold Podcast 120: #MPODcast

DJK came here to talk about 55-0. We got so much more.

David Purdy

Earlier this week, we had an idea: To celebrate the quasi-anniversary of the 2008 blowout of Minnesota, a 55-0 shellacking in the Gophers' final game at the Metrodome that marked the height of Minnesota Hate Week, we should try to get a player from the 2008 team to discuss the game. That alone is not a simple task for us: We have modest traffic, we don't have any serious connections with the UI Athletic Department, and our podcast starts with what amounts to a Weird Al Yankovic version of "Blurred Lines".

There was one player, however. One player who had a significant part in that game (7 catches, 181 yards, 1 touchdown) and two other Minnesota games. One player who we knew would tell us things about that game that we didn't know. One player who follows us on Twitter.

And so we contacted Derrell Johnson-Koulianos.

What follows is not what we planned. It's not a play-by-play discussion of the 2008 beatdown, or a look at the tactical and preparational geniuses that led the Hawkeyes to their greatest victory in the 106-year history of the Iowa-Minnesota series, or really an examination of that game in any significant way. It's a wide-ranging conversation on the 2008 team's place in the Ferentz lexicon, the parallels between that squad and the team that will take the field Saturday, and a frank discussion of how much of a badass Shonn Greene had become by the end of that season. We enjoyed making it. We hope you enjoy listening to it.

You can listen by clicking through to the Podbean site or subscribing to the podcast on iTunes (search for Black Heart Gold Podcast, and be sure to click on the version with the GO IOWA AWESOME logo and not the old BHGP logo).

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