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Great Moments in Gopher Football History: "He Just Drops the Football"

Minnesota has a long, storied tradition of hilariously awful football. Courtesy of Youtube, we can relive it all.

THE DATE: September 22, 2007


THE MOMENT: Tim Brewster's first season at Minnesota had not started well. The Gophers were 1-2, with losses to Florida Atlantic and Bowling Green, as they opened Big Ten play against the then-undefeated Purdue Boilermakers. It was a chance for the Gophers to nullify their early-season failures and get their new coach's career off on the right foot.

Purdue returned the opening kick for a touchdown. So much for that.

The Boilermakers jumped out to a 24-3 lead with 41 seconds left in the half, and drove to the Minnesota 27, where they lined up for a field goal. And that's where the most Tim Brewster thing ever happened:

Minnesota would lose the game 45-31. They would go winless for the rest of the season. Tim Brewster would go on to coach the Gophers for nearly four seasons of plays like this before they fired him.

TOMORROW: The single greatest moment of pwnage in the history of civilization.