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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks The Minnesota Golden Gophers

Iowa finishes the non-conference schedule (3-1) and open Big Ten play Saturday with Minnesota. Kirk Ferentz talks about where his team's been and what's coming up during his weekly press conference.

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FRENTZ SPEAKS. Here's the transcript from Kirk Ferentz's weekly press conference. There's video and audio too. There's also audio from the Big Ten teleconference from BTN. Here's some highlights:

  • The defensive line is making strides
  • Minnesota is better than they were last year
  • Iowa has to be ready for both Gopher quarterbacks
  • Ferentz let's the coordinators coordinate
  • B.J. Lowery likes to play Monopoly
  • Jacob Hillyer is "climbing the ladder"
  • Jordan Lomax's hamstring issue could last a couple more weeks
  • Nothing new with Michael Malloy's status
  • LeShun Daniels grasps concepts well, he doesn't seem overwelmed
  • Baring injury, all other true freshmen will red-shirt
  • Ferentz is in favor of Penn State's sanctions getting reduced
There's certainly more. We'll have a recap later today.

IOWA'S TWO-DEEPS REMAIN UNCHANGED. At this point in the season they are worthless. Despite the listed starters and reserves at wide receiver, Marc Morehouse writes that there will be plenty of Jacob Hillyer and less Don Shumpert. Morehouse also talks about the zone read and Iowa's quarterbacks.

THE PLAYERS SPOKE TOO. Marc Morehouse has video of Kevonte Martin-Manley, Jake Rudock, Christian Kirksey, Jacob Hillyer, Tevaun Smith, Carl Davis, James Morris, Mark Weisman and Tanner Miller. They talk about Minnesota's schemes and how to approach this week's game.

#RETAINFLOYD. Iowa owns the pig that's awarded to the winner of the annual Iowa-Minnesota showdown. Minnesota's Brock Vereen talks about the rivalry,

"Iowa is an emotional game, year in and year out, that's no shock. I think we learned in that game that you want to bring emotions to the game, but you don't want them to distract you and take away from the game. At the end of the day, just because you're more fired up for a certain game, it doesn't mean that you're automatically going to play better. You still have to focus on the game and the details is what it's going to take to win."
LIKE LAST SEASON, THE GOPHERS ARE (4-0). Jerry Kill says his team is bigger and stronger than the one that Iowa rolled in Kinnick last year. Kill also believes Iowa is a better team too. The Gophers may be without Phillip Nelson and Donnell Kirkwood, their starting quarterback and running back. Their replacements have played well. Red-shirt freshman quarterback Mitch Leidner got his first career start last week and earned Big Ten Freshman of the Week for his 151 yards rushing and four touchdowns.

GOPHER FANS ARE NERVOUS. Despite scoring more points, rushing for more yards and committing less penalties this non-conference schedule, Gopher fans remember last season's Iowa-Minnesota game. GopherNation warns Gopher faithful not to assume a win this week and forget the notion that Iowa is "terrible." GopherNation decides not to pick a side though when it comes to predictions. He/she left an out by stating,

To be honest I would not be surprised to see the Gophers roll to a double-digit victory. Unfortunately I wouldn't be shocked to see Floyd making the trip back to Iowa City.

He/she wants to win though. Wants it bad. By 21+ even. Good luck Goldie.

YOU'VE SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE GOOFS. "Fans shouldn't hold this team to the expectations a 4-0 record normally would suggest," writes Samuel Gordon of Minnesota Daily. Samuel is obviously a wide ole Gopher fan.

IOWA'S SPECIAL TEAMS ARE GETTING BETTER. Kirk Ferentz called Chris White's style developmental, which fits the Iowa philosophy. Kevonte Martin-Manley's 184 yards was a group effort Saturday. The other punt unit, especially Connor Kornbrath, performed well Saturday too.

FERENTZ HAS RESPECT FOR KILL. Ferentz recalls watching tape scouting Iowa State in 2010 when Kill's Northern Illinois team played them the week prior. Ferentz says Minnesota now looks like the NIU teams Kill had success coaching before. They're physical and run the ball well.


HEY, HOW ABOUT SOME EARLY BOWL PREDICTIONS? Prior to the season Iowa didn't show up on many of these. The Hawks still have three wins, all in the Big Ten conference schedule, before reaching bowl eligibility. The Sporting News thinks Iowa is heading to the Heart of Dallas Bowl to take on Marshall. ESPN's Mark Schlabach and Brad Edwards have Iowa getting to six wins. Schlabach puts Iowa in the Heart of Dallas Bowl vs. North Texas. Edwards says Iowa in the Texas Bowl against TCU.