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Black Heart Gold Archives: That Crazy Ferentz is at it Again

In honor of boat rowin' P.J. Fleck and Western Michigan coming to down, we look back at our own dancing coach.

Digging deep into the archives. Let's dance.
Digging deep into the archives. Let's dance.

Editor's Note: The Iowa Hawkeye football team will be taking on Western Michigan and their rookie head coach P.J. Fleck this Saturday. Fleck gained national notoriety with the release of a video that showed him demonstrating the program's new traditions. Iowa fans might snicker, but they shouldn't, as the Hawkeyes have their own history with expressive head coaches. Here reposted in full is "That Crazy Ferentz Is At It Again" which was written for Black Heart Gold Pants (then named Brown Mustache, White Pants) in September 1999.

Fireworks graphics THAT CRAZY FERENTZ IS AT IT AGAIN Fireworks graphics

BY: HAWK6894


Is it too late to fire Kirk Ferentz? I know, I know, we haven't played a game yet, but when is this cocky hot-shot going to stop embarrassing the University. First, he hires a bunch of coordinators we don't even know (Ken O'Keefe? I bet he's never seen a tight end stand up), and now this?

In case, you don't know what I'm talking about. Get ready to see this clip.

First a little back story, I was watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on Tuesday night and I hear that familiar refrain: "You've Got Mail," so I head over to my Compaq Presario and I have a message from a friend at the University. I'm excited. At least until I read the subject: GUESS WHO'S A DANCING MACHINE??? I quickly clicked on the attachment and after a three-hour load time, what do I see?



Hold on, I know how you're feeling Smiley-sick015_medium (how awesome is this?)

Evidently, Ferentz is demonstrating something called the Burrito Lift for Pancheros. And don't get me wrong, Pancheros makes great Mexican food, but are we supposed to take this seriously? Raising the roof? Is this 1997?

Look at that smug smile. This guy doesn't have a care in the world, which brings me to my larger point. I hope eventually Ferentz gets serious and cools the histrionics. The man obviously has swagger to spare, but right now I'd like a football coach much more than a cheerleader.

And that's my final answer.

Oh and when it comes to dancing, Kirk has nothing on the true master: