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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks Western Michigan

Time for a short recap of Kirk Ferentz's weekly press conference.

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David Purdy





KIRK FERENTZ SPEAKS. Here is the complete transcript. There's audio too if you prefer. There's also audio from the Big Ten coaches' teleconference. Here's some of the highlights:

  • KF: "We can still get a lot better"
  • Lomax and Fleming should be back this week
  • KF: "Scratch where it itches"
  • "anything that works, we're going to keep doing it"
  • Ferentz says they have four running backs: Weisman, Bullock, Canzeri and Daniels
  • Ferentz considers Bullock a starting running back
  • About Weisman's carries: "the ball's not heavy"
  • Lockerroom incident was an "inconvenience"
  • Bullock played his best game against Iowa State
  • Canzeri will get more involved
  • The team needs to "practice cleaner"
And there's certainly more.

THE PLAYERS SPOKE TOO. Marc Morehouse has video of Adam Cox, Macon Plewa, Mark Weisman, Austin Blythe, Brett Van Sloten, Brandon Scherff, James Morris, Jake Rudock and Kevonte Martin-Manley. The topics include the run game and the run game (fullback love).

IOWA'S RUN GAME HAS ESTABLISHED ITSELF BUT THE TEAM STILL HAS WORTS. Particularly the pass defense and improving the pass rush would help.

IOWA'S LATEST TWO-DEEPS HAVE A MAJOR CHANGE. Tevaun Smith has claimed a starting spot at wide receiver. He takes over for Don Shumpert who is now listed as Smith's backup.

WESTERN MICHIGAN'S COACH IS KIND OF A FLECK. P.J. Fleck has been to Kinnick Stadium before. He played for Northern Illinois against the Hawks not all that long ago. Fleck is only 32 years old. Thus far, he's used some energetic activities to raise awareness and promote his Western Michigan football team. Their recruiting list for 2014 seems to prove it's working. Still, he's (0-3) where in matters but you can bet he'll have his team ready to beat Iowa.

ABOUT THOSE RUNNING BACKS. Mark Weisman's work load is on a record setting pace. Iowa could use a game plan similar to that used against Iowa State against WMU's 113th ranked rush defense. Ferentz says,"we feel good about all four of our backs and we need to get them involved more. That will be part of our discussion this week."

FORMER HAWKEYE CHRISTIAN BALLARD GIVES UP FOOTBALL. Ballard disappeared early in Vikings training camp. USA Today reports that Ballard is walking away from football to get his life in order. It takes a lot of guts to look in the mirror and decided to change what you see. Here's hoping that he gets it figured out. He's only 24 and has a long way to go.

NOT THAT TYLER ULIS IS OUT OF THE PICTURE. Let's turn our focus to other possible hoops prospects on Fran McCaffery's radar. Iowa will have three scholarships to fill following the 2013-14 season and this will be a big recruiting weekend for Fran and his staff. The latest On Iowa Podcast has a brief rundown of who will be on campus checking things out. Here's some highlight videos of some of the recruits Fran has offered and shown interest.

Ikenna Okwarabizie (no Iowa offer yet)

Jackson Forbes (offer)

Iakeem Alston (JUCO, no offer)

Scott Lindsey (offer)

Riley LaChance (offer)

Brady Ellingson (offer)

Tory Miller (offer)

Dominique Uhl (offer)