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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: The Hawkeyes Defeat Iowa State

Today, we have videos, pictures and all the stories from Iowa Football's win over the Iowa State Cyclones.

David Purdy


Iowa Postgame Celebration - Sept. 14, 2013 (via Iowa Hawkeyes)

Iowa 27!!!! Iowa state 21 (via Hawks fly)

FB: Iowa vs. Iowa State Highlights (via Iowa Hawkeyes)



KIRK FERENTZ TALKED ABOUT THE WIN. Following the game Coach Ferentz talked about the team's win from the Iowa State weight room. He praised Jake Rudock's poise in his first road game and Mark Weisman's 35 carries.

LET'S GET RECAP-Y. It wasn't as close as the final score indicated. Iowa held off a Cyclone comeback late in the fourth quarter. Weisman almost had a touchdown that was declared down just prior to the goal line. Iowa rushed the ball a total of 60 times for 218 yards against a stacked defensive front. Ultimately, it was the Iowa Oline and Weisman that slowly crushed the Cyclones.

LET'S LOOK AT SOME NCAA STATS. Mark Weisman's 425 yards to start the season ranks him third in the NCAA for total rushing yards. His 141.7 yards per game is seventh nationally. Iowa's rushing offense is 30th in the nation and average time of possession ranks 8th. Defensively, Iowa's rush defense ranks 16th nationally. Anthony Hitchens is tied for 10th with 10.3 tackles a game. Iowa's defense is allowing only 29.5% of third downs converted, ranking 23rd. Looking ahead, Western Michigan's rush defense has allowed 735 rush yards this season ranking 116th of 123. WMU's offense is 98th in total offense at 344.7 yards per game.

THERE'S PLENTY OF PLAYER VIDEO. Both Marc Morehouse and Brendan Stiles have post game interview videos on their blogs. Here, at On Iowa, we get Kirk Ferentz, Jacob Hillyer, Mark Weisman, B.J. Lowery, James Morris, Jake Rudock, Austin Blythe, Brandon Scherff and Brett Van Sloten. Hawkeye Drive has about the same list and Carl Davis is in there too.