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Iowa locker room burglarized during 27-21 defeat of Iowa State

This is like the most Ames thing ever.

Personal items belonging to Iowa players and coaches were stolen from the visitors' locker room at Jack Trice Stadium Saturday night as the Hawkeyes beat Iowa State 27-21, according to a report from ISU-beat-writer-turned-crime-reporter Randy Peterson of the Des Moines Register:

Iowa's football locker room was broken into during the annual Cy-Hawk rivalry Saturday night at Jack Trice Stadium.

Iowa State University police said Sunday that personal items were missing when Iowa players and staff returned to the locker room after the 27-21 victory before a sellout crowd of 56,800.

Iowa State University Police Chief Jerry Stewart, through a department spokesperson, said: "It involved personal property from the locker room and remains under investigation."

Peterson reports that Iowa State had private security in the building that houses the locker rooms, but that no ISU police were used in that security detail.

Here is the last footage we saw of the Iowa State University Police detectives that will be investigating this case:


Meanwhile, Fred Hoiberg is waiting patiently in his car at the Ames Police Station, letter of intent in hand, just waiting to offer the perpetrator a basketball scholarship.

But seriously, stealing wallets and keys out of the visitors' locker room is so juvenile, so ripped from the high school rivalry playbook, that it could only happen at the glorified high school that is Iowa State.  Next, they're going to key our cars or steal our mascot.  You really got us, you guys.

Oh, yeah, just in case you forgot: Scoreboard.