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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Bring On The Cyclones

Hate! Hate! State!

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

THE HAWKEYE FOOTBALL TEAM HITS THE ROAD. If you live in Des Moines or are planning to come to the metro area to watch the Hawks on Saturday, stop by the Sheraton on Friday night.

HERE'S HOW THE OTHER SIDE SEES THINGS GOING DOWN. If you recall, over the Summer, Cyclone Fanatic's Chris Williams picked the Cyclones to win. He sticks with that selection but not in confidence.

IT'S NOT THEIR SUPER BOWL. That, according to Paul Rhoads. He spoke on Des Moines Sports Talk Radio this week and said about the fan given title,

"I think it's a bunch of crap, to be honest with you. Maybe at some point it was. Maybe it was a game that meant more than other games and maybe that was a time when the postseason wasn't a part of Iowa State's recognition. We're playing all 13 games and we're competing and preparing to win every single one of them. That's not the mentality around here, I can assure you of that."

IOWA STATE IS LOOKING TO REBOUND. Because they lost to FCS Northern Iowa. This game "is going to be huge" says Cyclone senior Jeff Woody.

HERE'S OUR ANNUAL HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE. Of the Iowa-Iowa State series, that is. Scott Dochterman writes that the renewal of the rivalry in 1977 wasn't easy.

THE MEDIA CAN'T INTERVIEW DAMOND POWELL BUT HAWKEYE SPORTS CAN. He's looking forward to the game this week and expects a hostile crowd. There's a couple more cliches in there. Powell was asked about his playing time and said he's a "team player" and will do whatever the coaches want him to do.

IN-STATE GAME MEANS A LOT OF IN-STATE RECRUITING. Here's a preview of the recruiting weekend for both teams. Ferentz mentioned the coaching staff will have extra time to recruit Friday night.

HERE IS PROBABLY THE WORST THING YOU'LL READ. There's the correct way to write an argumentative essay and then there's this.

A COUPLE OF FORMER HAWKS WEIGH IN. Over at Huddle Pass, Matt Hughes and Ed Hinkel give some perspective from their days playing in the rivalry. Hughes says Iowa State thinks this is their Super Bowl. Hinkel recalls the first time he realized how big the rivalry is. Hinkel writes,

"we were walking back to the locker room at Jack Trice Stadium after pregame warm-ups and a woman decked out in Iowa State gear was standing along the railing. She was holding a baby in one hand and holding up her middle finger with the other, a real Iowa State welcome!"

WIDE RIGHT NATTY LIGHT BRINGS THE HATE. They plead with Iowa fans to stop embarrassing the state. And then there's this guy.

ULIS WATCH 2013. Tyler Ulis will announce his school of choice tonight at around 7:30 pm. He'll decide between Kentucky, Iowa and MSU. There's a lot of rumors indicating he'll choose Kentucky. We shall see.