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Black Heart Gold Podcast 116: Good Ol' Fashioned Self-Pity

It's like the saddest Hate Week ever.

It's Hate Week: The All-Iowa version, and so we talk Iowa-ISU with CyHawk from Wide Right & Natty Lite, the only tolerable Iowa State fan we have been able to find. We discuss what the hell happened against UNI, the state of their offensive line, the subset of Iowa State fans who think Paul Rhoads sucks, and how many yards the Cyclones might get against Texas. Also, there's soccer in the background.

Listen below, click through to the Podbean site, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (remember, it's the GO IOWA AWESOME version and not the old BHGP logo version), or download the app for your iPod or iPhone following the instructions at Podbean (link above).