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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks Iowa State

Iowa's head football coach held his weekly press conference. See what he had to say.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

KIRK FERENTZ SPEAKS. Here's the transcript from his weekly press conference. Here's audio of both Ferentz and Paul Rhoads from On Iowa Pod. Also, here's the audio from the weekly Big Ten Football coaches' teleconference. Some highlights:

  • Iowa has a lot of respect for ISU's QB
  • Ferentz feels they (Iowa) have four good running backs
  • Ferentz rates Connor Bofelli's play as "good"
  • They will know more about Jordan Lomax and possibility of playing by Thursday
  • Don Shumpert has been the best in practice but Tevaun Smith is closing the gap
  • Last week's penalties were a result of "not concentrating enough"
  • Desmond King is the second most experienced corner this season
  • Matt VandeBerg practiced well and earned playing time
  • Mostly playing six along the defensive line right now
  • Carl Davis has played over 100 snaps and is an "established starter"
  • Rudock is "so far, so good"
  • The team will still leave Friday night and hold meetings Saturday
  • Iowa's coaches will do a little recruiting Friday night
  • "No matter how many plays you run, it's still about scoring points"
  • Maurice Fleming could be back this week
  • Possibly one or two more freshmen play
  • "we'll keep you updated," Ferentz said when asked about Michael Malloy's status
And there's certainly more. We'll have a more in-depth recap a little later.

THE PLAYERS SPOKE TOO. Marc Morehouse has a collection of player videos on the On Iowa blog. Here's C.J. Fiedorowicz, Jordan Cotton, Tanner Miller, Carl Davis, Mark Weisman, Brandon Scherff, B.J. Lowery, James Morris and Jake Rudock. The topics range from last week's game to the rivalry with Iowa State.

PAUL RHOADS TALKED ABOUT IT TOO. Iowa State held their weekly press conference on Monday. There''s a little shake-up on the defensive side of the ball. Luke Knott will get the start at outside linebacker. Sam Richardson, the quarterback, had been limited in practice shaking off an injury. He's expected to start Saturday.

IOWA'S TWO-DEEPS DIDN'T CHANGE MUCH. Desmond King is listed at starter at corner back. Gavin Smith is his backup.

TV PEOPLE LOVE A RIVALRY. Scott Dochterman spoke to a FOX official that Iowa and ISU are better off with each other. Iowa will join Iowa State in adding another conference game to their schedule leaving both with just three non-conference games. Gary Barta has said the yearly series will stay intact and continue to rotate home games. That leaves Iowa with just two non-conference games to fill and another BCS conference team won't take that spot.

BRETT GREENWOOD UPDATE. It's been two years since his heart condition caused a brain injury. He's doing well and still making progress on the road to recovery.

LET'S SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING AT WIDE RIGHT NATTY LIGHT. I mean, I guess. There's some derp going down (meth jokes! Tom Arnold! HOKS!). This post is okay. And these link posts? An embarrassment to link masters everywhere.

FIRED FERENTZ. Here's an undoubtedly very reliable post citing unnamed sources that Kirk Ferentz is gone. There's still some "ifs" though. Bobby Diaco is practically the new coach at Iowa according to Del Yates at the Major Onions sports blog. We probably shouldn't deliver the page hits to this waste of bandwidth but do what you like.

TYLER ULIS TO DECIDED SOON. His recruiting visits to Iowa, Michigan State and Kentucky are finished. Ulis' father says he and his son talked in length about his college future. His decision could come within the next week or two.

SPORTING NEWS RANKS IOWA HOOPS #23. Basketball starts soon, if you can believe that. Probably not soon enough for some. Another publication has Iowa ranked in their Top 25. The expectations are creeping up. It's going to be a fun run.