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Black Heart Gold Podcast 113: Blurred Lines

It's an OSU-centric podcast, but there's new theme music so there.

The podcast is back, and we start August with a first-time guest: Ramzy Nasrallah from Eleven Warriors is here to talk about the Carlos Hyde incident, the great fortune of constant surveillance, the relative strengths and weaknesses of San Diego State and Cal, the proper position on Michigan hatred, and just how bad that Iowa game might be. He's good people, and it's a good show.

Oh, also, there's new theme music. Just throwing that out there.

Listen at the Podbean web page, download the BHGPodcast Podbean app for your iPhone or iPod Touch (click the quick launch button at the bottom of the screen), or download/subscribe on iTunes. It's also posted below.

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Also, let us know if you would like an Android app. We can get one, but it's a bit pricey, so we'll save the money unless there's a groundswell of Android users who really want the Go Iowa Awesome icon on their screens.