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Saturday Early Games Open Thread

The first full day of college football begins... now.

Jamie Sabau

The Iowa game is still a few hours from kicking off, but several other teams are getting underway this morning -- here's your thread to talk about them.

A note about game/open threads this season: we're going to be pulling old ones off the front page sooner than we have, primarily so we don't clutter up the front page with game/open threads.  Game/open threads are for instant, as-it-happens reaction to games so there really shouldn't be much purpose in going back to them after the game that inspired the chit-chat has ended.

Anyway, the games on tap are (all times CST):


11am: Buffalo at Ohio State (ESPN2)
11am: Purdue at Cincinnati (ESPNU)
11am: UMass at Wisconsin (BTN)
11am: Southern Illinois at Illinois (BTN)


11am: Villanova at Boston College (ESPNEWS)
11am: Toledo at Florida (random regional sports channels; check local listings)
11am: Louisiana Tech at NC State (random regional sports channels; check local listings)
11am: Floriad International at Maryland (random regional sports channels; check local listings)
12pm: Rice at Texas A&M (ESPN)

The usual rules apply: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no religion, no politics, no slurs.  Enjoy the football.