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Friday Night Football Open Thread

College football's Opening Weekend continues with... more college football!

It's football, dammit.  Of course you're gonna watch.
It's football, dammit. Of course you're gonna watch.
Ed Zurga

Tonight's menu isn't quite as full as last night's array of offerings -- and it will take a hell of a lot of match the madness we witnessed last night from Ole Miss and Vanderbilt and Fresno State and Rutgers (although you had to be a bit of an insomniac to make it to the end of the latter game) -- but there are still some decent games on tap.


7pm CT: Western Michigan at Michigan State (BTN)

Iowa plays Western Michigan three weeks from now, so consider this an early scouting opportunity.


7pm CT: Texas Tech at SMU (ESPN)
7pm CT: Florida Atlantic at Miami (FL) (ESPNU)
7:30pm CT: North Dakota State at Kansas State (Fox Sports 1)

The KSU game holds some intrigue; aside from the fact that KSU is, of course, still coached by former Iowa assistant Bill Snyder, their new QB, Jake Waters, hails from Iowa Western.

Full listings here.

The usual rules apply.