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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Bring On The Huskies

Iowa Football kicks off the 2013 season at 2:42 PM (CT) tomorrow afternoon.



Hawkeye Sports Report - Season 2, Episode 1 - 8.29.13 (via Iowa Hawkeyes)

IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON GETTING TO IOWA CITY EARLY. The University of Iowa wants you to take extra precautions because of the forecasted heat. The Shirts and Skins open basketball at Carver has been cancelled but Carver-Hawkeye will be open if you need to escape the heat. There will be cooling stations in Kinnick and you can bring in sealed or empty water bottles (two). If you plan on staying home, the game now appears on your guide on Channel 610-1 (alternate one) on Direct Tv.

HOW BOUT A GAME PREVIEW? Here's one from SB Nation's HustleBelt. It's pretty terrible.

OKAY, HOW BOUT A REAL PREVIEW? Iowa has a slight edge in the advantages broken down by Marc Morehouse. Both he and Scott Dochterman predict an Iowa win on the On Iowa podcast. The concept of a football offense shouldn't be overwhelming to Jake Rudock. Although, Iowa's last quarterback was pretty smart too. Iowa's defense will have to contain Jordan Lynch and stop the read option game that's plagued Iowa defenses since the days of Norm Parker. It's going to take a pass rush and solid defensive contain. On offense, expect a lot of ground and pound mixed in with a few surprises.

HAWKS IN THE NFL. Marvin McNutt's performance last night might have earned him a roster spot. McNutt finished the game with four receptions for 99 yards. He caught a 56-yard touchdown pass from Pat Devlin to seal the win for the Dolphins. He spoke with reporters following the game here.

SETH OLSEN IS BATTLING TO MAKE A SPOT ON THE VIKINGS ROSTER. There was a scary moment last night when Seth Olsen was down on the field for an extended period of time. They called for the cart and he was taken to the locker room. Post game reports he was up and walking and talking in the locker room following the game.



Hawks In Europe (Iowa's Mens Basketball Team) (via iaelites)

THIS IS COOL TOO. Walk-on Darius Stokes was awarded a scholarship for the 2013-14 season. A scholarship opened up when Patrick Ingram decided to transfer after spring semester. Iowa flirted with a couple of transfer options but the scholarship is now Stokes'.