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BHGP Presents AIRBHGAPALOOZA 2: The Apology

Join us September 21 for the now-annual celebration of everyone's favorite vindictive bastard!

We don't like to advertise it here -- it's a bit like being Freddy Kruegger's dad -- but we were the first Iowa site to mention the Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God. At the time, it was an off-hand joke, but as time went on, AIRBHG quite literally took on a life of its own. He decimated depth chart after depth chart. As of the time of this post in 2012, seventeen Iowa running backs had left the program before completing four seasons since Damian Sims managed to graduate in 2007. Since then, Greg Garmon joined the list. AIRBHG itself went national, making an appearance on ESPN last August when Barkley Hill tore his ACL.

Last year, with four Iowa halfbacks injured and a fifth at Stony Brook, we held the first AIRBHGAPALOOZA. We smashed the AIRBHG piñata, drank a few beers with the beer band, and hung out with Paki O'Meara. AIRBHG responded by reaggrivating Mark Weisman's lingering injury issues and decimating the offensive line who blocked for him, which is some second-level AIRBHG action. After all, how were Iowa's running backs ever going to stay healthy when they get power bombed immediately after every handoff? Iowa's running game didn't really work for the rest of the season, and Greg Garmon left the program at the end of the season. Because AIRBHG.

We are hardly unfazed by this development. Consider us fazed. Defiance didn't work last season, a lesson we learned about five hours after the first festival ended. The first AIRBHGAPALOOZA was so much fun that we basically had to hold AIRBHGAPALOOZA 2 this year, and we are: September 21 (Western Michigan weekend) at Backpocket Brewery in Coralville. Because it's an early game, we'll be holding a tailgate near the stadium beforehand, with the formal PALOOZA taking place after the game. This does two things: It takes out the logistical issue of getting from Backpocket to the game, and it doesn't allow AIRBHG a chance to respond immediately after the festival.

But this year, we are taking a much more conciliatory tone. It's an apology, really. In fact, that's what we're calling it. AIRBHGAPALOOZA 2: The Apology. We'll hit the AIRBHG piñata, but respectfully. We'll drink AIRBHG beer, but it won't be as bitter as last season. And, as we did last season, all proceeds from the piñata and any other BHGP-related activity will go to Iowa Touchdowns for Kids. We'll have more announements as the date approaches, but we wanted to get the date posted so that you can properly prepare travel plans.

And don't forget that AIRBHG shirts are available at the Black Heart Gold Shirts, and all profits from sales of t-shirts through September 21 will go to IT4K.