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Black Heart Gold Podcast 115: A New Hope

It's the depth chart & schedule breakdown podcast with Mas Casa, but is there...a sense of optimism?!?!

It's an annual ritual on par with the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano or Nebraska losing two games in November: The depth chart rundown with The Gazette's own Marc Morehouse! Listen for over an hour and you won't need to read BHGP anymore to be ready for the season. Of course, you'll still read BHGP because you like fart jokes. It's OK. We all do.

Read Morehouse at The Gazoo, and follow him on Twitter (as if you don't already)

Listen to the show over at the Podbean site, follow the instructions on that page to download our app for your iPhone or iPad, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (remember, it's the version of the show with Go Iowa Awesome and not the old logo), or just listen below if you're lazy.

There will be an app for Android in the future, just as soon as I find the time to put it together. We'll keep you posted.