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Greg Davis Chews on Things, Part 1

Iowa offensive coordinator Greg Davis likes to chew on things.

At a daily meeting of the offensive coaching staff...

Iconferentz_medium So I was thinking: What if we ran the stretch play to the right?
Bfern_icon_medium We already do that, Dad.
Chriswhite_icon_medium Yeah, Kirk. That's already in the playbook.
Iconferentz_medium Really? Where is it?
Chriswhite_icon_medium Top right
Iconferentz_medium /opens binder
Iconferentz_medium Well I'll be damned. I wanted to call that play all last sea...
Gerg_icon_medium GRRRRR
Iconferentz_medium Aw, damn it, Greg.
Gerg_icon_medium Davis_chewing_binder_medium
Gerg_icon_medium GRRRRRR-RUFF
Iconferentz_medium Let go of it, Greg
Gerg_icon_medium GRRRRRRR
Iconferentz_medium Greg! Let GO!
Iconferentz_medium /tugs on binder
Gerg_icon_medium /tugs binder away
Gerg_icon_medium /shakes binder violently
Gerg_icon_medium /runs to corner of room
Gerg_icon_medium /resumes chewing
Iconferentz_medium Most productive thing he's done here.

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