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Black Heart Gold Podcast 114: Hall and Gnash

Vint. Jacobi. Hall. It's basically the nWo with more Apple gear.

It must be August, because we're back in the swing of things at the BHGPodcast. Today, it's time to talk with SB Nation contributor, Every Day Should Be Saturday editor and longtime Friend of the Pants Spencer Hall about how Iowa gets to nine wins, what Urban Meyer's recent actions have meant for Florida fans, and why Kenny Chesney will come to be known as a dark and shameful period in our country's history. It's a solid 53 minutes of fun.

As always, the podcast is available on iTunes (a reminder if you're coming back to the show: you need to re-subscribe in the iTunes store through the feed with the GO IOWA AWESOME logo, not the old BHGP logo) and on our podcast site over at Podbean. The embed player is below.

If you want to pick up a BHGPodcast app for your iPhone, follow the steps from the Podbean guys. And we're still soliciting the level of support for a 99 cent Android app; if we can get enough to cover the costs, we'll do it.

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