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BHGP Partners With Iowa Touchdowns For Kids For Fourth Season

The official fundraiser for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital, perennially ranked among the best in the nation, returns for its fourth season.

Exciting news, friends. Today marks the kickoff of BHGP's fourth straight season of partnering with the Children's Miracle Network and the University of Iowa Children's Hospital for the Iowa Touchdowns For Kids fundraiser. This year's corporate partner is Whirlpool. The funds raised go directly the continuing construction of the UI Children's Hospital's dedicated wing, which officially broke ground in June.

This year, donating to the cause is as easy as ever. We've embedded the pledge window below, and if you'd like to send this information to friends and family (NOTE: please do this!) here's a link to the form. You can also join the fundraiser's Facebook page here. I did.

In our previous three seasons partnering with TD4K, BHGP has raised over $42,000 for the Children's Hospital. Seriously. Here are the numbers, direct from them:

BHGP Pledges -
2010 - 152
2011 - 85
2012 - 99
TOTAL - 336
$/TD -
2010 - $443 (x45 TDs) = $19,935
2011 - $230 (x43 TDs) = $9,600
2012 - $276 (x26 TDs + 5,625) = $12,441
TOTAL - $42,036.00!

As always, pledges are made either in the form of a one-time donation or a certain amount per touchdown scored in the regular season (just 12 games). BHGP does not collect money or handle any of the money involved whatsoever, nor are we doing this for any personal gain. Donation forms will be sent out in early December after the regular season is finished, with the final tally of touchdowns and money to donate. By not including bowl games, you can be sure that your donation can be noted in your 2013 tax returns.

Additionally, all of your money goes to the UIHC's building project. Not one penny goes to us at BHGP, and not one penny goes to the fundraising coordinators. This is all for the UI Chidren's Hospital, period. So rest assured that your donation will not get swallowed in a morass of "administrative costs"; it will help children in need.

The only thing we ask, other than the pledge itself, is that you make sure to mark the "Black Heart Gold Pants blog" option in the referral section. That's just to make note of how mighty the BHGP community's impact is—again, we don't get anything out of it—and the bigger our total is, the better you can feel about being a part of such a generous and amazing community. It's awesome. It's my favorite thing that we do at BHGP. We've raised over $42,000 here for an unimpeachably great cause and we're looking forward to screaming past $50,000 total this year. How awesome is that? Over $42,000 already for the beautiful new Children's Hospital that will rise above Kinnick in the coming years, all from BHGP alone!

As we do every year, there is a bragging thread in the FanPosts. If you want to tell the world about your pledge to TD4K, that's the place to do it. If that's not your thing, that's fine too! Just be proud of the difference you're making in the lives of children and families across Iowa—all 99 counties—and beyond who are in seriously dire situations.

Let's have a monster year, on the field and in fundraising. Let's hit $20,000 in a year. Let's show the Internet what being a giving community is all about. Let's go Hawkeyes. Let's go Touchdowns for Kids. Let's go Iowa.