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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Aaron White Is Travelin And Live Bloggin

Somebody sign him up at BHGP.

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RHYMING AND STEALING, SOMETHING AND BLOGGING. Aaron White and his University Games Team U.S.A. had a warm-up game yesterday against a Russian Pro Team. White finished with 11 points on 3/3 shooting from the field as Team U.S.A. did the country proud on Independence Day, winning 94-60. White is recording his experience for all of us on Here's a link to his first two blog entries summarizing the team's travel and their daily itinerary.

IF IOWA BASKETBALL WANTS TO IMPROVE THIS YEAR, IT STARTS WITH SHOOTING. Three point shooting, specifically. Iowa shot 30.5 % from beyond the arc last season. Hello Peter Jok. Hello Jarrod Uthoff. And there's Josh Oglesby (ESPN's article says we groan, so...) GROOOAAAAN.

MATT GATENS IN BACK IN THE STATES. Gatens took the time to answer 10 questions about his year following graduation from Iowa. He's giving the NBA another shot earning a spot on the Orlando Magic Summer League roster. Gater has all of next week to show the Magic what he can do.

SWITCHING GEARS TO FOOTBALL. Iowa will run some no-huddle, except when they don't. Ferentz said, "well, it's not that dramatically different." when asked about the Iowa offense. The next quote, fits for last season:

"the other part in the back of my mind, as we move into the season, is we can dictate how much or how little we use it."

He added,

"but if we don't continue to invest time in it, it's hard to say, ‘OK, Week 4, we're going to use no huddle this week.' At least now we can pull back. But we can't go in the other direction. It's kind of like getting hurt, I guess."


2013 Iowa Football Preview -- (via paramountsports)

Right, Haluska is like 19th string at wide receiver. Good job, good effort, guy.

USA TODAY HAS A PREVIEW TOO. It's a tad bit more informative than the video above but there is a curious list of Montreal Expo outfielders. Ultimately, Paul Myerberg thinks Iowa "has just enough" to make a bowl game this year.



Jordan Baker played previously at Pepperdine. He played two seasons there and after an NCAA required red shirt year (transfer rules) he's have two yet to play if he picks Iowa. Baker averaged just over 10 points a game over his career at Pepperdine. He was arrested for DUI near the end of March.