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The Most Realistic Iowa Football EA Sports 2014 Simulation On the Internet | National Championship Game

EA Sports NCAA 2014 is out and we have a copy ready to simulate the Hawkeye football season.

SEASON RECAP. If you've missed any of Iowa's previous victories you can review the game recap and notes here:


Iowa made it to the Rose Bowl for the first time under Kirk Ferentz but this one is for the the BCS title. Both teams are undefeated and ranked #1 and #2 in all of the polls. Iowa is the Big Ten Champion and got here by beating Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game. Georgia is the SEC Champ and defeated Alabama in the SEC Championship game.

The SEC has won seven National Championships in a row. The Big Ten hasn't had a Champion since Ohio State defeated Miami in 2002. Iowa is the first Big Ten team to make the title game the Ohio State team that lost to LSU in 2007. Georgia enters the game as a six point favorite and it's hard to find a college football expert that's picking the Hawks to win.


THE HAWKEYES WIN THE TOSS AND ELECT TO RECEIVE. Iowa has the Heisman Trophy winner at running back and they fed The Juggernaut the ball. Like the Big Ten Championship game, Juggernaut would fumble on the game's opening drive and Iowa's defense had to step up to stop Georgia's high powered offensive attack. The Dawgs struck first and quickly made it 7-0 on a 24 yard screen pass from quarterback A. Maul to running back B. Fett.

Iowa's second series would begin without star running back Juggernaut who remained on the sidelines getting checked by the trainers. On his last carry he fumbled the ball and it looked like he may have injured and maybe even broke bones in his hand. Jordan Cantseeme and Checkmy Vine would have to carry the load.

Iowa's offense again sputtered after moving the chains twice for first downs but they were forced to punt the ball back to Georgia after an incomplete Epic Brad Banks pass.

Georgia also has a killer two headed running attack and they slashed and gashed the Iowa defense. The first quarter ended with Georgia sitting on the doorstep of another score. The Bulldogs had first and goal from the seven.

After an incomplete pass from D. Maul on a first down play-action play, Georgia's Fett would find the end zone on the ground, rumbling left and then cutting back right to find a hole of the backside of the Hawkeye defense and put Georgia ahead 14-0. While still plenty of time, Iowa was without their star running back and down 14 points in Pasadena.

The Hawkeyes would grind it out on the next drive and after 14 plays, kicker Michael Meyers would connect from 32 yards away to give Iowa their first points. The Hawkeyes couldn't find openings down field like they did against Big Ten opponents and settled for safe, short passes. Iowa was on the board but still trailed 14-3 with two minutes remaining in the half.

Georgia again drove down the field but with a few seconds left in the half settled for a field goal. On the previous play, a 3rd and 3, Georgia coach D. Vader rolled the dice and called for a play action pass looking for the death blow just before time expired. To the Hawkeyes luck, Georgia wide receiver S. Trooper dropped a sure touchdown pass when he looked to run before making the catch. The Hawkeyes dodged a laser beam but were still trailing 17-3 at halftime.

Georgia would receive the kick to open the second half and after two first downs were forced to punt. The Hawkeye defense was starting to get to their spots and had yet to give up the fight. Kirk Ferentz, feeling his team needed a spark, decided to go with his star running back despite the broken hand.

Ferentz pulled Juggernaut aside just before he ran to the huddle

Whatever Ferentz said to the young tailback didn't work as he was tentative on his first carry. Still, Ferentz, confident in his message to the young Heisman winner, instructed offensive coordinator Greg Davis to feed The Juggernaut.

Iowa's offense had a first down after three consecutive four yards carries but still looked like they would have to battle for small chunks of yards at a time against a very stout Georgia defense. Juggernaut was slow to the huddle after his third consecutive carry and Iowa, taking too long to get to the line for the next play, was forced to burn a timeout.

During that timeout guys in the huddle asked Jugger if he was okay. He said, "yeah, I feel alright. It's just that, well, coach said he's my dad. Does that mean I hafta coach here in a couple years?" While Greg Davis called in the play and players grabbed a shot of water Juggernaut looked off in the distance. There, he saw the spirit of another Hawkeye Heisman winner which said,

On the very next play Juggernaut ripped and tore through the Georgia defense for a huge gain and suddenly the Hawkeyes had life.

The energy from that one play carried over to everyone in a Hawkeye uniform. Receivers started finding space and Banks was hitting his mark. The Hawkeyes exploded down field in a triumphant offensive drive and put seven points on the board cutting Georgia's lead to 17-10.

The Hawkeye defense played with a new energy too. On Georgia's next possesion, linebacker Chewbacca Morris (who earned the nickname because he swore off shaving after a horrible shaving accident that hospitalized him and forced him to miss the Purdue game several weeks back), showed off his abilities dragging Maul down in the backfield for a sack on third and eight. Iowa would again get the ball, down seven, with three minutes to go in the third quarter.

Chewbacca Morris led the defense

The Hawkeye offense picked up right where they left off. Banks rolled right and decided to keep the ball and use his feet to pick up 12 yards. Juggernaut took the next carry and bulled his way forward for nine yards. Banks found tight end C.J. Fijdfghezwcsres for 20 yards. Iowa was knocking on the door of a score just as the third quarter ended.

The Hawks punched it in after two plays into the fourth quarter and Meyers drilled the extra point tying the game at 17. This was becoming one of the best Championship games in memory. It was an epic battle between good and evil Iowa and Georgia. Morris and McSack would keep the pressure on Maul and company stuffing both the pass and run. Georgia would again punt.

This was becoming an epic battle

Iowa, with only three minutes on the clock, would deliver the death blow. Banks, having found his touch in the second half, again looked deep for his star tight end and Iowa picked up huge yards on the pass play. The Hawkeyes, riding the energy of their star quarterback, put another touchdown on the board to make it 24-17.

Georgia would have one more chance. Maul would again hit Fett on a screen pass, the same play that they scored on in the first half, and Fett would scramble for a 15-yard gain before fumbling the football. Hawkeye Safety John Milky was there to scoop the bouncing football and quickly fall to the ground securing the turnover. Iowa had the ball and was 1:33 away from their first BCS National Championship. Georgia had only one timeout left and all they could do was watch the clock run out on their amazing season as Banks took the snap and took a knee.

The Iowa Hawkeyes finish an improbable season 14-0 and are your The Most Realistic EA Sports Sim 2014 National Champions.




IOWA 0 3 7 14 24
GEORGIA 7 10 0 0 17


SCORE 24 17
RUSHES 33-212-1 18-97-1
COMPLETIONS 9-14-2 24-31-1
PR YARDS 21 12
KR YARDS 63 77



E. Banks 9-14 200 yards 2 TD 0 INT


T. Juggernaut 9-54 yards 1 TD
J. Cantseeme 8-77 yards 0 TD
E. Banks 6-57 yards 0 TD


C. Fijghdreqzcsh 4 rec 111 yards 1 TD
T. Acronym 2 rec 21 yards 0 TD


C. Morris 7 tackles 3 TFL 2 sacks
R. McSack 3 sacks



E. Banks 140/175 80% 2610 yards 30 TD 3 INT 186.4 ypg 258.4 rating
R. Rudock 23/35 65% 440 yards 5 TD 2 INT 31.4 ypg 207.0 rating


T Juggernaut 190 rush 2191 yards 35 TD 156.4 ypg
J. Cantseeme 131 rush 1361 yards 20 TD 97.2 ypg
E. Banks 67 rush 512 yards 7 TD 36.5 ypg
C. Vine 34 rush 251 yards 6 TD 19/3 ypg


C. Fijgfdreqzcgh 53 rec 981 yards 15 TD 70 ypg
J. Hills 18 rec 382 yards 4 TD 27.2 ypg
T. Acronym 16 rec 434 yards 7 TD 30.9 ypg
H. Hamilton 15 rec 196 yards 2 TD 13.9 ypg
J. Cotton 13 rec 354 yards 2 TD 25.2 ypg
M. Wilson 13 rec 317 yards 2 TD 26.4 ypg


B. Walsh 29 pancakes 0 sacks
B. Van Slots 12 pancakes 0 sacks
D. Clark 11 pancakes 0 sacks
U. Scherff 7 pancakes 5 sacks


R. McSack 76 tackles 54 TFL 45 sacks 0 INT 4 FF 1 FR
A. Hitch 62 tackles 16 TFL 4 sacks 2 INT 0 FF 0 FR
C. Morris 60 tackles 12 TFL 5 sacks 1 INT 0 FF 0 FR
C. Kirks 50 tackles 16 TFL 6 sacks 0 INT 2 FF 0 FR
H. D 31 tackles 16 TFL 14 sacks 0 INT 0 FF 0 FR
B. Boots 28 tackles 3 TFL 0 sacks 5 INT 0 FF 1 FR
C. Vine II 25 tackles 1 TFL 0 sacks 5 INT 0 FF 0 FR


M. Meyers 9/11 FG 81% 111/111 extra points 100% 132 Kickoffs 67 touchbacks
C. Corn 8 punts 351 yards 43.8 ypp 51 yard long 2 touchbacks


R. McSack set the NCAA record for sacks in a season (45)
E. Banks set the NCAA record for QB Rating (258.4)
T. Juggernaut set the Iowa single season rushing mark (2,191 yards)
T. Juggernaut set the Iowa single season touchdown mark (35)
T. Juggernaut set the Iowa career rushing touchdown mark (35)
E. Banks set the Iowa single season passing touchdown mark (30)
C. Fijgfdreqzcgh set the Iowa single season receiving touchdown mark (15)
R. McSack set the Iowa career sack total (45)


1 (61 VOTES) 2 IOWA 14 0
2 4 NOTRE DAME 11 2
3 5 BOISE STATE 13 1
4 3 OKLAHOMA 12 1
5 1 GEORGIA 13 1
6 6 TEXAS A&M 11 2
7 7 ALABAMA 12 2
8 9 LSU 9 4
9 11 OREGON 9 4
10 13 BALL STATE 13 1
11 14 WASHINGTON 10 3
12 8 NEBRASKA 10 3
13 15 GEORGIA TECH 10 3
14 16 TEXAS 10 3
16 10 STANFORD 10 4
17 23 OHIO STATE 10 4
18 22 USC 9 4
19 24 OREGON STATE 9 4
20 12 FLORIDA 9 4
21 N/A UCLA 10 4
23 21 MIAMI 10 4