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Nebraska Football Now Recruiting Never-Nudes

Seriously, let's put some shirts on, fellas.

We have no words. No words.

Okay yes we have words.

We are proud of the Huskers for embracing the Never-Nude lifestyle (Nevernudebraska, if you will) (and yes you will). There are almost a dozen of them on the team! Almost a dozen!

Now, you might be asking, "sure BHGP, but what do the construction hats and folding chairs have to do with anything?" Fair question. Completely fair. But as other wise, scantily-clad men once said: "We wanna know that before we show you the goods, you're paying attention. Sometimes art is not straightforward. It's not always logical." And we checked—those are definitely not NCAA-regulation football helmets. So you really have to tip your hat to these guys for baring as much of themselves as they possibly could, and yet still challenging us as an audience intellectually.

All that, or someone was like "hey Nebraska players, how about you just not wear shirts or pads and hang out at a construction site so we can take pictures of you" and they were like "SURE, GREAT!" I don't prefer that. I prefer the answer that advances art and never-nudity as we know it.