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SPONSORED POST: We're Still Keepin' It Real With EA Sports NCAA Football 14!


One of the things I'm most looking forward to is the whole updated physics engine, where instead of a set few animations for whenever two characters run into each other, it actually takes into account size and speed and strength and the "interaction" (fancy word for "collision") the two players have is more physics-based and less "one of the few animations we programmed in"-based.

Which is to say, I'm very looking forward to seeing how the game treats a man-beast like Mark Weisman, who made a living (so to speak) out of using his size and speed to run through the tackle attempts of unsuspecting opponents. You probably remember, but in case you don't...

Now, you've probably seen the work PSD did in approximating Weisman's actual skills in his awesome and completely realistic NCAA 14 simulations, but for all the problems and subjectivity that goes into creating accurate, unmistakeable likenesses for thousands upon thousands of student athletes, it's still very entertaining to see what EA's end result is, before we upload the available user-made rosters that make slight ratings adjustments and take care of the formality of using real names.

Weisman's balance is uncanny—probably the best I've seen since Michael Bennett (not Weisman's physical equal by any stretch) was at Wisconsin, using his strong legs to stay upright even if one of his pegs gets knocked out from under him. There have probably been better backs at that between then and now, obviously, but seeing Weisman just plain run through low tackles reminds me most of Bennett. If EA Sports NCAA 14 approximates that, it'll be enough to make me just the happiest boy in all of Blogfrica.