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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Marble Back To The Prime Time League

Hawkeye summer hoops continue on.


SUMMER HOOPS REMAINS THE HOT TOPIC. Devyn Marble is back after not making the University Games U.S. team. He was asked about getting cut and told Brendan Stiles, of Hawkeye Drive, ""They just wanted to go in another direction. It wasn't that I didn't play well enough to make the team." He scored 33 points on just 11-of-28 shooting last night for his PTL team. Freshman Peter Jok continues to impress scoring 32 points on 10-of-15 shooting.

AARON WHITE DID MAKE THE 12-MAN U.S. ROSTER. The games are played July 7th-16th in Kazan, Russia. White was asked about his upcoming experience and told the Des Moines Register, "this is a very special opportunity, to have a month out of my summer to practice once or twice every day with some of the best players in the country." White added,

"I'll learn from those guys, and the great coaching staff we have here. The only thing you can gain is knowledge and confidence from an experience like this. I've gotten better in the two years I've been at (Iowa), and this is just the next step to being an elite player."

MIKE GESELL IS WORKING ON HIS GAME THIS SUMMER. Gesell talked about the month following the season he was told to heal his previously injured foot. Gesell told Steve Batterson, of, "It was awful, but it was something that I had to do. I play almost every day and I don't think I'd taken any time off like that since I was probably in like third, fourth grade. I love the game.''

SOME MORE HOOPS OBSERVATIONS FROM JOHN BOHNENKAMP. After two weeks of PTL play, Bohnenkamp offers his take of Iowa's summer league. He notes that Anthony Clemmons learned about mental toughness at the end of last season. He adds that the game appears to be slowing down for Adam Woodbury and that Gabe Olaseni has a nice touch around the rim. Bohnenkamp thinks Uthoff will play significant minutes this season and Kyle Meyer has a nice shooting touch from outside. Finally, he notes that Peter Jok shows his age with some sloppy play at times and he needs to limit the turnovers to see playing time this fall.