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Exclusive Look at Hawkeye Network Programming

BHGP got its hands on a schedule for a half day of programming on Mediacom's upcoming Hawkeye Network. The shows look kind of promising.

The Hawkeye Network was announced back in December as a partnership between the University and Mediacom to bring an Iowa themed channel to cable customers around the state. With the recent news that sports might, just maybe, possibly be on the channel, we thought it was time to revisit the story. BHGP's solid investigative team was able to uncover a draft of an afternoon/evening's lineup on the new channel. So without further ado...

Inside the Radioactives Studio with James van Allen
Famed space scientist, James van Allen, interviews other scientists asking important questions like, "What is your [dramatic pause] favorite lanthanoid element?"
The Undersea World of Hancher Auditorium
As the demolition of the performance venue begins, lost artifacts are discovered from a time when it was underwater.
Rienow 911!
A ragtag team of RAs monitor the wacky going-ons inside the UofI residence hall...hilarity ensues.
My Two Marbles
Roy Sr. and Dev Marble live together in an apartment...hilarity ensues!
The Brands Couple
Tom and Terry Brands live together in an apartment...hilarity ensues!
Double-Double Dare
With 12 career double-doubles, Melsahn Basabe host this zany game show. Somebody's going to get $LIMED!
Cambus Haulers
A reality show that followers cambus drivers as the haul students around the treacherous terrain of Iowa City trying to avoid hazards such as pedestrians and mopeds.
The United States of Iowa
UofI alumn, Diablo Cody has spun off her show The United State of Tara and created a story about a college cheerleader that gets pregnant, has multiple personalities, becomes a stripper, is possessed, then returns to her hometown to find her old boyfriend.
CSI: University Heights
The University Heights local law enforcement pulls over another Writers' Workshop student for speeding. Well, I guess you could say it was... [puts on sunglasses] poetic justice. YEEEAAAAHHHH!
Anger Franagement
Charlie Sheen stars are as a therapist who helps out #winning basketball coaches deal with their anger issues.
Ghost Bunters International
Members of the Iowa baseball team live in a haunted house. True story.
Late Night with Nico Law
Radio show host turned TV. A daily late night talk show hosted by Nico Law.