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The Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champions and according to Kirk Ferentz' contract, that's a good thing.

This man just made Kirk Ferentz (and gamblers nationwide) an awful lot of money.
This man just made Kirk Ferentz (and gamblers nationwide) an awful lot of money.
Jim Rogash

EDIT: Re-posting an oldie but a goodie from the archives, since it is once again relevant. -- Ross

(AP) IOWA CITY — Windy City fans were not the only ones excited to see the Chicago Blackhawks lift Lord Stanley's Cup last night after an unbelievable finish in Boston.

So was Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz.

The University announced this morning that, per his contract, Ferentz was being awarded a one hundred thousand dollar bonus.

"You cannot see the words ‘Hawks' and ‘success' without thinking of Coach Ferentz," Iowa athletic director Gary Barta said at a small press conference. "The champions of tomorrow are formed today and we feel nobody does that better than Kirk."

The move is sure to draw the ire of a large contingent of Iowa fans, who feel Ferentz' contract is already too unwieldy and powerful.

Even Barta admitted that the contract he extended after Iowa's Orange Bowl trip in January of 2010 is at times difficult to decipher.

"Have you read this thing?" the Hawkeye athletic director asked, while holding up a large three-ring binder. "I finally did last night when Kirk's attorney called and I'll tell you - I don't remember any of this."

That includes the so-called "Hawk Clause" which was invoked for the first time last night.

The contract rewards Ferentz for any title won by the "Hawks," whether that be his group clad in black and gold or anyone else.

That includes the Blackhawks, the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL and the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA and everyone else as well.

The contract also provides Ferentz with a royalty anytime the late-professional wrestler Road Warrior Hawk appears on WWE television with the tag team championships.

Ferentz missed out on the Blackhawks' previous title in 2010 (his contract extension was not announced until September), but earned the bonus this time around.

And the long-time Iowa head coach would have been rewarded even if the Blackhawks would have lost.

"Just by Chicago making the Stanley Cup, we were obligated to provide him with a year's supply of chewing gum," Barta said. "Them winning was actually a blessing. How were we going to find that much gum?"

For his part, Ferentz was nonplused.

"I'm not really a hockey fan" the Iowa head man said. "Too much action. Not enough huddling for my taste."

Ferentz, though, was excited about one thing.

"Did you see the Boise Hawks won last night? They're up to third in the standings."