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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Dickie V Loves Him Some Hawkeyes

Dickie V was in Iowa City and shared some thoughts on the upcoming basketball season.

Mike Stobe

THIS SPACE IS TYPICALLY RESERVED FOR IOWA HAWKEYE NEWS. But it's my space. Well, not totally mine but I occupy it occasionally with words. Because I've had zero sleep and because I experienced one of the greatest sports moments of my life, I start today with this:

OKAY? OKAY. Now, about those Hawkeyes. Dick Vitale was in Iowa City over the weekend and of course he had something to say about Iowa basketball. Have a listen:

Dick Vitale Talks 2013-14 Iowa Hawkeyes Men's Basketball (via Iowa Hawkeyes)

THERE IS SOME BASKETBALL BEING PLAYED. It's in the Prime Time League. With two games in the books newcomer Peter Jok is impressing Hawkeye fans. Jok has hit 50% from beyond the three point line and has 57 points in two games.

FOLLOWING THE PTL. There's a trip to London for the Hawkeye men's team. One member, Gabe Olaseni, is particularly happy to return home. Olaseni will get to play hoops in front of his parents who have yet to see him play in person for the Hawkeyes.

SWITCHING TO FOOTBALL. The Hawkeyes have a Heisman contender coming to town for the season opener against Northern Illinois. That, according to a new website released by NIU. The Huskies released a Twitter account, website and Facebook page to campaign for Jordan Lynch in 2013.

FORMER HAWKEYE FOOTBALLER MARSHAL YANDA IS HONORED BY HIS HOMETOWN. He's now a Pro Bowler and Super Bowl Champion. He stopped back in his hometown of Anamosa, Iowa, to showoff his ring and receive more honors. The Anamosa High School weight room was renamed the Marshal Yanda weight room. His former jersey number on the football team, 77, was also retired.