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Big Ten Realignment Analysis By A Bored High School Student

We enlisted our expert analyst, Bored High School Student, to talk about the Big Ten's new divisional structure.

In the new divisions Michigan will not have to play the Alabama Crimson Tides every year. This is good fot Michigan.
In the new divisions Michigan will not have to play the Alabama Crimson Tides every year. This is good fot Michigan.
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The Big Ten is going to be 14 teams in 2014. Many people believe the 14 teams in 2014 is a sign of the Myan Apocalympse. Maryland and the Rutgers are joining the Big Ten in 2014 and they are expected to bring crucial skills in sports like lacrosse and maybe basketball.

Since the Big Ten is expanding it is changing its division things. After 2014 the Big Ten is moving to two divisions called East and West. There are many factors in how you choose between east and west in conference alignment.

There are no more legends and leaders in the Big Ten. Everyone that was called a legend or leader by the conference has to renounce or denounce or whatever and then that will make the new conference divisions okay. Drew Brees is really pissed about this according to my brother since he is like the best.

Drew Brees kinda sucks though GO FALCONS right??? I like Tim Dwight.

If Ohio State and PA State are not leaders they are actually pretty sucky probably. But if the East says they are good then they are maybe not leaders even if they are still good at football and that is a "moral dillemma." It is like when Bruce Lee beat Chuck Norris in fighting in that movie and then you had to choose who is the best even though they are both heros.

There are many factors in how you make an east team go west. Purdue was chosen because of Iowa and the rivalry. Now Purdue can play Iowa every year and also Indiana every year so that their fans can care about football. Rivalries are important things and they help you get fired if you don't do good at them.

Some people say that the new divisions will be unfair because the east division will have Michigan and Ohio state at the same time. It is important to compare and contrast these two divisions. If Michigan and Ohio State are in the same division, it means they can't win different divisions and that is good or bad for football. Michigan and Ohio State play the last game of the season before the other last games of the season so that game will really show football fans who is the top dog in the Big Ten until the Big Ten championship shows who wins the Big Ten. Wisconsin is really good at that game. It outscored Nebraska 70-31 last year, and then Bret Bielema went away because of Arkansas.

Maryland and Rutgers are in the East division because they are located on the East. There main rivals include Penn State and Ohio State. Fans will definitely pay to watch Ohio State play Maryland because of how east both teams are. There is no love lost between Penn State and Rutgers. These are top matchups that the Big Ten needs to have. They do not have tropheys yet but I bet that will change any minute now.

Maryland's mascot is a turtle named "Terripin" but it plays football pretty fast!!!

Now that the Big Ten has geographical divisions it can concentrate on playing the best football possible instead of trying to remember if a team is in your division or not. That can be very distracting to a team because you might be like "hey should we plan on playing Illinois" and then the coach is like "I don't remember" and that is a bad time for your football team because nobody remembers probably.

It is good for Wisconsin to be in the west because now Ohio State and Penn State can't hurt them anymore. Penn State has big NCAA sanctions because of things my dad refuses to talk to me about but it is still okay at football. Bill O'Brien is the Patriots of the Big Ten now.

In closing there are many factors to consider in the new Big Ten alignment, and if your team does better or worse at football in the new alignment it means the decision is better or worse.