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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Iowa Football Assistants In The Middle Of The Pack For Pay

Iowa will pay football the assistant coaching staff $2,318,052 next season.

Reese Strickland-US PRESSWIRE

IOWA SITS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE FOR PAY FOR FOOTBALL ASSISTANT COACHES. From's database of the Big Ten's public schools, Iowa is at number five in terms of assistant coaching pay. Assistant's pay ranges from $325,000 to Greg Davis for offensive coordinating duties to $196,500 to Eric Johnson for recruiting coordinating and defensive line help. Iowa's payout is a more balanced approach compared to league mates. Michigan pays both coordinators a combined $1,350,000 and position coaches each earn $205,000 (except wide receivers coach Jeff Hecklinski, who earns $225,000).

MARC MOREHOUSE LOOKS AT THE PAY AND HAS AN INTERESTING COMPARISON. Morehouse uses the Major League Baseball player salary for a comparison and writes that "Iowa is the Cubs."

KIRK FERENTZ HAS DONE A LOT OF TALKING RECENTLY. With semester ending and workouts starting next month, there's a lot of time for Ferentz to hit the radio talk show circuit. KF took to the radio waves yesterday to talk with Bo Mattingly, an Arkansas radio show host. Ferentz is also making the rounds on the I-Club circuit and took the time to talk with the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Scott Dochterman asked Ferentz about the QB battle and the being in the Big Ten West.

PETER JOK IS AN ALL-AMERICAN. Before he get's to Iowa to play in the Summer Prime Time League, Jok earned one more honor for his high school season. Jok was named a Parade All-American last Saturday. There are 40 players named on the Parade AA team and Jok, along with three others (Derrick Walton Jr. and Zak Irvin (Michigan), and Marc Loving (Ohio State)) are heading to the Big Ten.

KURT BACKES IS SAYING GOODBYE. He's been a volunteer assistant for Tom Brands for three wrestling seasons. Backes is heading to Des Moines to pursue a different career opportunity with Wells Fargo. He'll stay around wrestling, Backes said, ""I'll be involved in wrestling on a different plane."

MIKE EVANS IS SMART. Evans earned a place on the National Wrestling Coaches Association Division I All-Academic Team. He is one of only 17 Hawkeye wrestlers to ever receive this honor.