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2013-14 Bowl Schedule Released; Big Ten Still New Year's Day Heavy

Yes, you have to watch four Big Ten games at once early on New Year's Day. That's likely to change soon though.

Is a trip back to Pasadena in the offing for Iowa? (Hint: probably not)
Is a trip back to Pasadena in the offing for Iowa? (Hint: probably not)
Robert Laberge

The Football Bowl Association, which is an association of bowls where they play football, announced the full bowl schedule for the 2013-14 football season. There aren't many departure from last year, aside from the fact that the Big East is now seriously called the American Athletic Conference and that wasn't some weird winter fever dream.

The full schedule is right here, in .PDF form. The relevant Big Ten bowls are below; all times are Central because that's God's Time:

Thursday, Dec. 26, 5 PM: Little Caesar's Bowl (Big Ten vs. MAC), Detroit, MI

Friday, Dec. 27, 5:30 PM: Texas Bowl (Big Ten vs. Big 12), Houston, TX

Saturday, Dec. 28, 9:15 PM: Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (Big Ten vs. Big 12), Tempe, AZ

Wednesday, Jan. 1, 11 AM: Gator Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC), Jacksonville, FL

Wednesday, Jan. 1, 11 AM: Heart of Dallas Bowl (Big Ten vs. C-USA), Dallas, TX

Wednesday, Jan. 1, 12 PM: Outback Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC), Tampa, FL

Wednesday, Jan. 1, 12 PM: Capital One Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC), Orlando, FL

Wednesday, Jan. 1, 4 PM: Rose Bowl Presented By Vizio (Big Ten vs. Pac-12, probably, unless it isn't), Pasadena, CA

Monday, Jan. 6, 7:30 PM, Vizio BCS National Championship (Hey, you never know), Pasadena, CA

Yes, that's another avalanche of January 1 games, which only works out well for the Big Ten when it wins a majority of them and hahahaha nope that's not a thing the Big Ten does.

As points out, though, there's probably a substantial shift in the Big Ten's bowl scheduling structure coming, and none of the four likely new bowl tie-ins currently play in January. That spreads the Big Ten's bowl exposure out more evenly between Christmas and New Year's Day, which is much more palatable than watching four bowl games at once on New Year's Day when the champagne hangover is still punching your brain from the inside. With brass knuckles.

Of the four probable new bowls that ESPN's reporting, we're mildly excited about the Pinstripe Bowl because hey, New York, and we're very very very happy about the return of the Holiday Bowl. The Holiday Bowl is the best non-January bowl outside of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, and yes we are biased about that but come on, it's such a cool bowl. Check the results—it's always either a major upset, a one-possession game, or an ass-blasting of mammoth proportions.

The Holiday Bowl is where Iowa did this. And this. It's where BYU did this. And it's where Barry Sanders and Oklahoma State did this. Oh, and they have the—not a joke—dachshund racing national championships as part of the festivities. But we digress.

Anyway, there's your schedule and hooray for the fact that it's changing soon. Where do you think Iowa will end up this year?