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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks To The DSM Register

Kirk Ferentz opens up in a long, lengthy interview.

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Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

FETUS-HEAD FERENTZ. That's what his high school pals used to call him. In a lengthy and candid interview with the Des Moines Register, Ferentz discusses his old nicknames, among other topics. We don't share much from the Register here anymore. Not since they moved to a pay-model. This is worth your time though.

NOW WE'RE ALL EVEN, KINDA. Iowa made their final payment to Iowa State for the annual Cy-Hawk football series. The previous deal said that each home team paid the other 20% of the gate for the series. For payments,

Over the last eight years, Iowa's payments to Iowa State totaled $2,371,074, an average of $592,768 after each home game. For its four most recent appearances at Jack Trice Stadium, Iowa received $1,526,555. That averages to $381,638.

Each school keeps the entire gate for themselves moving forward.

THE EARLY WEEK ONE COLLEGE FOOTBALL LINES ARE OUT. Iowa has opened on as a 6.5 point favorite over Northern Illinois. Surprised? I certainly am. Playing in Kinnick is worth some points but I expect that line to get beat down closer to Iowa -3 by kickoff.

LAST WEEK'S NEWS WAS DOMINATED BY SCHEDULING. Here's a post on ESPN's Big Ten blog about how it all came to be. We've discussed Iowa's seemingly easy schedule in 2014. Get used to those teams, that's our new reality in the Big Ten West. At some point Iowa is going to have to beat Nebraska. To make the rivalry worthy of that title. They'll have the Hero's game ending each season in the Big Ten's version of rivalry weekend.

ESPN SELECTS TWO INDISPENSABLE PLAYERS FOR IOWA FOOTBALL 2013. Brandon Scherff and B.J. Lowery get that nod. I think you could probably select a linebacker over Lowery but his selection says a lot about this team. There maybe isn't a glaring indispensable guy, really. We're still waiting for one to emerge.

MEANWHILE, ON THE I-CLUB CIRCUIT. Mike Hlas, of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, was in attendance for the meeting in Webster Country. He has audio of Fran McCaffery, Brian Ferentz and Tom Brands on his Hlog.