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This Ricky Stanzi Mix Tape Is Probably Incredible

Kansas City safety Eric Berry tweeted that he's listening to a mix by none other than Ricky Stanzi. We have some ideas.


So, Kansas City Chiefs safety (and noted horse unethusiast because he's smart) Eric Berry tweeted this out this morning:

(And yes, he's verified, that's him.)

Obviously, YES. A Ricky Stanzi mix tape is exactly what this country and everybody's iTunes needs. Fortunately, we have sources close to the situation* and we can share with you exactly what that mix is.

Carve out some time. It's time to let America get all up in your earholes, people.


1. Star-Spangled Banner - Whitney Houston


2. God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood

Duh again.

3. God Bless America Techno Remix

This is a good song because it lets you party and dance but at the end you're still feeling really good about the good old USA.

4. Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen

Being born in the USA is a pretty neat thing and it's pretty neat that Bruce wrote a song about it!

5. Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater

What's a "protest song"?

6. Root 'Em Out Joe - Leslie De Gaulle Trio

Sometimes it's fun to listen to the classics.

7. Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue - Toby Keith

We already got bin Laden but a little nostalgia never hurt anybody!

8. Ain't That America - John Mellencamp

Spoiler alert: that IS America. And that's great!

9. Bringing Home the Roses - The Fabulous Fryers

Mixing it up with a Hawkeye classic.

10. DJ Drama - Pledge Of Allegiance ft. Wiz Khalifa, Planet VI & B.o.B

NOTE: Stanzi did not listen to this song before putting it on the mix.

11. Beastie Boys - Paul Revere

Same here.

12. Notti Boy - Hawkeye Anthem

Another Hawkeye song that's prett—wait, did that song just namecheck Ricky Stanzi????

13. Notti Boy - Hawkeye Anthem

14. Notti Boy - Hawkeye Anthem

15. Notti Boy - Hawkeye Anthem

16. Notti Boy - Hawkeye Anthem

17. Notti B[NOTE: Stanzi's iPod has just been thrown out the window]

*sources located in the gardens of OUR MINDS.