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MGoBlog: Horses Should Play Soccer

Prominent Michigan blog advocates horses in football. But not American football.

Friend of the Pants Brian Cook, proprietor of MGoBlog, has waded into the "Horses in Football?" controversy with a unique position: Horses should play European football.

That shame: by debating whether or not horses should play football they fail to ask the question "what sport should horses play?" Football is an ill fit. Basketball is preposterous, hockey promising but problematic, track and field faintly ridiculous, and horse racing completely out of the question. It's obvious, though. It's right in front of your face, and thus two or three feet below a horse's face.

Horses should play soccer.

Zut alors!

It might be the most Michigan thing ever that horses should not be allowed into the same game as known horsist Fielding Yost, but that it's so very nouveau chic to have them play in the Barclays Premiere League. Next he'll be saying that we should make room for slower equines, like donkeys and basset hounds, in real football.

The debate continues.